[Can you eat mango after the abortion]_Abortion_Can you eat it?

[Can you eat mango after the abortion]_Abortion_Can you eat it?
20 Feb

[Can you eat mango after the abortion]_Abortion_Can you eat it?

We all know that people need to pay attention to all aspects of their lives after being sick or undergoing surgery, especially in terms of diet.

It is no exception for women who have just undergone abortion. Although it is only a minor operation, they still need to pay more attention to it. Many people do n’t know what details to pay attention to after eating. Some people say that they do n’t knowCan eat mango, is this true?

Let’s explore together.

First, can a woman eat mangoes after abortion? Women can eat mangoes after abortion. Mangoes are converted into carotene, vitamin C, minerals, proteins, aunts, sugars, etc. The content of vitamin A in mango is as high as 3.

8%, women who eat more mangoes after abortion can also enhance the body’s resistance and help women’s physical recovery after abortion.

The following are the benefits of eating mangoes after a woman’s abortion: 1. Bright eyes: Mangoes are very rich in sugars and vitamins, especially the original content of vitamin A, which has the highest effect in fruits.

2. Mango has a high medicinal value, especially for women who have stomach upset after miscarriage, who often have thirst, vomiting and other symptoms should eat more mango to a certain extent.

3, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory: the immature fruit and bark of mango can inhibit pyogenic bacteria, E. coli, etc., the extract of mango leaf also has the effect of suppressing pyogenic bacteria, E. coli, can treat female skin, digestive tract infection diseases.
4. For women with chronic pharyngitis and mute throat, the confinement diet does not prevent trying mango decoction and replacing tea, which can eliminate the anti-inflammatory effect and make the voice round.

Mango is one of the few protein-rich fruits.

Can moisturize the skin, it is estimated that it contains carotene.

Moreover, its slight sourness can increase female appetite.

Second, women’s precautions after abortion1, within two weeks after completing a surgical abortion, they must be bed-ridden, and must not be engaged in excessive physical labor.

2. After the abortion operation, there will be secretion flowing out. You should wash it with warm water every day to keep it clean to avoid infection.

3. It is forbidden to live with husbands and wives, and within 30 days after the abortion operation, they cannot live with husbands and wives to avoid infection.

4, after the recovery of abortion, take measures to take measures, because the menstrual period is delayed after abortion, if not prevented, it may cause pregnancy again.

5, after finishing the abortion operation, pay attention to not being able to take a sitz bath within two weeks or in the case of alternate blood, to avoid infection, if you want to wash, you can take a shower.

6, after completing a surgical abortion, eat more nutritious foods, such as lean meat, chicken, eggs, milk and beans and other foods, increase nutrition to help the body’s recovery.

7. Observe the bleeding and prevent the disease from getting worse.

After a person’s abortion, vaginal bleeding for more than a week, and accompanied by symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, fever, cloudy leucorrhea and odor, should be promptly reviewed and diagnosed in the hospital.

Precautions after abortion: 1. Most of the painless abortion will resume ovulation in about one month after the abortion, and then menstrual cramps.

Therefore, as long as the couple’s life is restored after the painless abortion, contraceptive measures must be taken to avoid re-pregnancy.

This is something to pay attention to after doing painless abortion, especially to admit it.

2. After painless abortion surgery, because of weak body, it is easy to sweat.

Therefore, the amount of water evaporation should be reduced.

Vitamins and vitamins excreted from sweat, especially vitamin C, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2. Therefore, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

This will also help prevent constipation.

3. In the endometrium after painless abortion, the wound on the endometrium has not recovered, the cervix is cleft, the original mucus plugs in the cervix (which prevent bacteria from entering the uterine cavity) have been removed, new mucusSuppositories have not yet formed. If you do not pay attention to the vulva hygiene, bacteria in the vagina can easily enter the uterine cavity and cause infection.

4. When the placenta is stripped during painless abortion, there may be a small amount of bleeding on the wound surface left on the uterine wall. In this case, uterine contraction and wound repair are used.
Vaginal bleeding stops gradually within 5 days, no more than 10?
15 days.

If the vaginal bleeding volume exceeds the menstrual blood volume and the duration is too long, you need to see a doctor for treatment.

5. You must maintain a good mood after the abortion operation. You must not put too much pressure on yourself after the operation, which at the same time poses some threats to your health, which may affect future pregnancy.

Therefore, we must be able to make ourselves feel comfortable, and one thing is not being able to stay up late, etc. These effects are very large.