[Five reasons women are more eager to derail]

[Five reasons women are more eager to derail]
11 Feb

[Five reasons women are more eager to derail]

When it comes to derailment, it seems to be considered a man’s patent.

In fact, women actually have a lot of derailment, but they usually don’t show it up.

In fact, women’s derailment is even more abominable than men’s derailment. It is just that some people are used to saying that a man finds a junior, how about it, then what about a woman’s “second wife”?

Reason one: thirst for thirst.

It is said that women in their thirties are like wolves and forties are like tigers, which means that women in this age group have particularly strong sexual needs.

When men reach middle age, their sexual desire will gradually decrease, or their sexual abilities will deteriorate.

At this time, once a man can’t satisfy his own woman, then the woman is in a state of sexual depression for a long time, then will he breed the idea of wanting to derail?

Once you have this idea, then it is only a matter of time and psychology. Once this desire reaches the cutting edge, can you not commit it!