[What are the rabbit hot pot side dishes]_How to garnish_How to garnish

[What are the rabbit hot pot side dishes]_How to garnish_How to garnish
25 Feb

[What are the rabbit hot pot side dishes]_How to garnish_How to garnish

Hot pot is very popular in China, and it has become a traditional way of eating. Because the type of hot pot is a hundred pots and thousands of flavors, it can satisfy everyone’s taste buds, especially the taste of rabbit hot pot is very special.The processing and production of rabbit meat is very particular. Many people use the side dishes to improve the taste of rabbit meat. So what are the rabbit hot pot side dishes?

First, what are the rabbit hot pot side dishes?

: Cabbage, spinach, pea seedlings, lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, lotus root, lotus root, winter bamboo shoots, spring bamboo shoots, white radishes, carrots, cucumbers, winter gourds, loofahs, fresh peas, green beans, cauliflower, lily, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms,Flammulina velutipes, soy sprouts, mung bean sprouts, tofu, dried tofu, coriander, pesto, spring onion, water spinach and coriander.

[Dried goods category]: Dried Aquilegia, Magnolia, Dried Bamboo Shoots, Vermicelli, Jujube, Konjac, Agaric, Tremella, Shiitake Mushroom, Tricholoma Mushroom and Bamboo Penny.

Second, game (captive breeding): pheasant, wild duck, quail, dog meat, dog whip, snake meat, pheasant, snail, bullfrog and turtle meat.

Rabbit hotpot is made with spinach, onion and butter.

When people eat hot pot, they first heat the hot pot, then put the spinach and onion in the pot, and then put ham, chicken slices and rabbit meat. When they start to eat, add seafood such as shrimp and so on.Keep the flavor of the hot pot.

Third, the side dish of rabbit meat hot pot: side dishes can be stewed dog meat with Chinese yam, such as cabbage, yam, soybean sprouts, white radish, bean skin, lobular scented incense, etc .: Ingredients: 1000 grams of rabbit meat, 60 grams of Chinese yam, wolfberry60 grams of seeds, 1000 grams of chicken broth, ginger, spring onion, cooking wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper.

Method: Rinse rabbit meat, cut into small pieces, wash yam, wolfberry, and slice yam.

Heat the iron pan, pour the cooked lard, pour the rabbit meat and ginger, stir-fry the onions, fry the right amount of cooking wine, pour the casserole together, add the yam, wolfberry, chicken broth, and the right amount of salt, and simmer with gentle heatCook for about 2 hours, to the degree of cooked rabbit meat.

Pick out ginger, spring onions, and seasonings such as MSG and pepper.

What are the rabbit hot pot side dishes?

First of all, it depends on your hot pot practice. If it’s spicy in Sichuan, you can put a lot of it, bean skin, leafy greens, noodles, and some soy products.

If it is Guizhou rabbit meat, you can only put some delicious side dishes, such as shiitake mushrooms, cilantro, lettuce, mouth grinding, etc., if it is Guangdong rabbit meat pot, it is best not to put side dishes, adding beer taste better.