[Can maternal eat red bean soup]_ breastfeeding _ can I eat

[Can maternal eat red bean soup]_ breastfeeding _ can I eat
06 Feb

[Can maternal eat red bean soup]_ breastfeeding _ can I eat

After the birth of the child, the body is greatly injured, and the amount of bleeding is also relatively large, so the body may appear weak in blood. At this time, you can drink more red bean soup.Good effect, at the same time, the mild red bean flavor can strengthen the spleen and appetite, and can clear heat and detoxify, and remove moisture, so it is more suitable for maternal constitution.

Ingredients required: Red beans, white sugar production method Method 1: Main ingredients: 500 grams of red beans (recommended: 5 servings) Seasoning: 200 grams of granulated sugar Production method: clearing heat and detoxifying red bean soup 1.

Wash the red beans first, add water and boil with high heat; 2.

Change to simmered until simmered, then add sugar and boil.

Health effects: red bean flavor sweet and slightly cold, spleen and water, detoxify and eliminate diarrhea, eliminate damp heat.

This soup relieves heat and diureses, diuretic and stomach, and liver and spleen and kidney.

Method 2: Deswelling Swelling Soup Method: Wash 20 grams of raw barley kernels and 30 grams of red beans for about half a day, drain and set aside.

Coix kernels are cooked with water until it is semi-soft, red beans are cooked, and rock sugar is added. After dissolving, turn off the flame and serve.

Efficacy: It helps to maintain beauty, nourish qi and nourish blood, and relieve swelling.

Method 3 Deshui Swelling Soup Method: Ingredients: 200g red beans, 150g indica rice, 250g rice cake Seasoning: 50g rock sugar Step 1: Prepare the above ingredients and seasoning.

Step 2: Boil the water in the boiling pot and add red beans, rice, rice cake, and rock sugar.

Step 3: After boiling, lift the inner pot of the continuous cooking pot off the fire and put it in the outer pot of the continuous cooking pot.

Step 4: The food in the inner pot is still boiling after adding the inner pot to the outer pot.

It can boil for 30 minutes and keep for 8 hours.

Step 6: After 40 minutes, you can start cooking.

Step 5: Cover the outer lid and let him cook it by himself.

Without rice cakes, you can use small dumplings and lanterns instead.

Efficacy: It can help to maintain beauty, nourish qi and nourish blood, improve water and swelling, nourish blood and milk, ventilate and remove annoyance, clear heat and detox.

Practice four lotus seed lily red bean paste method: 50 grams of red beans, 30 grams of white lotus seeds, 10 grams of lily, the amount of Chenpi, about 50 grams of rock sugar.

Soak the washed red beans for two hours, boil water, add all the ingredients, and cook for two hours.

Efficacy: Spleen and Kidney, Gujing Yiqi, strong bones and bones, enhance physical strength.