[World’s Top Ten Luxury Wines]_What is it_something

[World’s Top Ten Luxury Wines]_What is it_something
27 Jan

[World’s Top Ten Luxury Wines]_What is it_something

There are many famous drinks in our country. Drinks can not only be placed on the dining table, they can also be used as gifts during the New Year. The value of drinks is very high. First of all, there are more than ten kinds of drinks, known as the world.Top ten luxury and luxury wines. These wines, including Wuliangye, which we often drink, also include a series of wines such as wine, whiskey, etc. You need to know about the introduction of famous wines.

1. Guizhou Maotai Liquor Height 540ml in the 1950s This picture was provided by a registered user “Don’t Forget Your Original Mind”. Copyright statement feedback Maotai Liquor is produced exclusively in Maotai Town, Renhuai City, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, China. It is a Han specialty liquor.

It is one of the world’s three major distilled spirits with Scotch whisky and French cognac. It is the originator of Daqu sauce flavored liquor.

Moutai is known for its outstanding sauce, mellow body, clear and transparent, long aftertaste, pure and comfortable, full-bodied, full-bodied, fragrant but not gorgeous, empty cups with fragrance, and not top-notch after drinking.”National Wine”.

Alcohol content is 52?
Between 54 degrees, it is a model of Chinese sauce-flavored liquor.

2. Wuliangye’s 90th Anniversary Liquor Collection In 2005, 500ml Wuliangye was fermented with 5 kinds of grains: wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, and glutinous rice. It is unique in Chinese Luzhou-flavor liquor and is one of the most premium liquors in China.It is also one of China’s three famous wine Maowu swords.

In 2005, Wuliangye first won the 90th anniversary of the Panama World Expo Gold Medal. To commemorate this event, Wuliangye specially launched this Wuliangye 90-year gold medal commemorative wine.

The commemorative wine bottle body adopts the classic wine jar shape, the bottom of which is inserted into the lotus throne, the cap, and the bottom of the bottle is made of 24K pure gold.

3, Romani Conti Winery 750ml Romani Conti Winery is one of the oldest wine gardens in France and is widely regarded as the world’s top red wine garden.

The crops of the Romani-Conti winery are extremely low, with an average of about 10,000 grapes planted every six months, and the annual output is controlled at 2,500 liters. Almost one bottle of wine is produced per 3 grapes, and the average is only about 6,000 bottles per year.

Romani Conti perfectly presents the charming characteristics of Pinot Noir. The rich and long-lasting aroma, exquisite and mellow, the tannins are delicate and powerful, balanced and condensed. The velvety texture is smooth and elegant, almost the top Pinot NoirThe advantages are all in one.

Romantique Conti red wine is ruby red in color, full-bodied, and grape variety is Pinot Noir.

4, PAX Scotch Whisky 50 years 700ml PAX 50 Years Rare Whiskey Under the careful care of PAX Chief Bartender David Stewart and his team for 50 years, the water of life in these two oak barrels is halfAfter centuries, it has become an extremely precious wine that has been passed down, which proves the richness of Baifu Distillery in the mystery of whiskey maturation and traditional winemaking techniques.

There are still some mysterious secrets in this series of rare wines. Few whisky barrels have been aged for many years, and the flavor and taste can be maintained, let alone 50 years. Two single malt whiskies distilled on the same day can be successful.Ripening is even more rare.

5. Lafite Castle 2003 Dry Red First Class 750mL Lafite red wine refers to the wine produced by Lafite Chateau, one of the five famous Bordeaux wineries in France, with a long history.

In 1855, the French government rated the wines only once. There were four wines in the first rank, and Lafite ranked first.

Lafite has a floral, fruity, mellow, soft and elegant, known as the queen in the wine kingdom.

At Lafite, 2-3 grapevines can produce a bottle of 750mL red wine.

Lafite Castle 2003 is full of dry red, with ruby red color and fruity flavor, which belongs to red wine.

6, Glenfiddich 50 years whiskey 700mL Glenfiddich is issued in a limited edition of Glenfiddich for 50 years, through Scotland’s most experienced bartender David Stewart, selected two aged 50 years in the wine cellar.Barrel whisky, after three months of integration, the classic brewed, will be limited to 50 bottles per year in the world for the next 10 years.

In keeping with the perfect taste is the exquisite and elegant packaging of 50 years of Glenfiddich whiskey.

The historical silver scotch silver decoration and the hand-stitched exquisite leather case are used in a low-key match. Four old craftsmen who have waited for 50 years of Glenfiddich have signed the leather booklet, and every detail is described.It is the rare quality of Glenfiddich’s 50-year single malt whisky that has been achieved for hundreds of years.

7. Remy Martin Cognac Brandy 3000mL Louis XIII is produced by Remy Martin, a 270-year-old company in the Cognac region of Charente, France. It is named after a Remy Martin on its trademark.

Purely transformed by the “Water of Life” in the “Grand Champagne” in the heart of Cognac, the aging time is calculated for decades.

The lifelong work of each bartender is the best cognac.

At the same time, wine and bottles are easy to match.

Brandy grades are based on barrel storage time.

Remy Martin’s production standard is higher than that stipulated in the Cognac production decree. The aging period of more than 50 years is called Louis XIII.

8. McAllen Melle Crystal 1.

5L Macallan has the reputation of “Rolls-Royce in Pure Malt Whiskey”.

The Macallan Mlai crystal is designed by Fabien Baron, a well-known creative design director of Macallan.

Through the creative visual aesthetics, the slim and slender crystal wine bottle combined with the geometric irregular shape, shows a minimalist design full of modernity. Therefore, the name is named after the letter M, which is simple and neat.It is considered to be an outstanding masterpiece in the design of Fabien Baron.

The Macallan M has a capacity of 1.

5L, limited to 1750 bottles, each bottle has a unique number.

9, Glan Grate 60 years 700ml Grange Grate 60 years limited edition bottled in the Irish national treasure-level crystal brand-Waterford (Waterford) crystal bottle, Waterford is recognized for its purity worldwide with its unique formulaThe highest crystal.

For 60 years, Glan Grate has a deep and stable red color. The aroma of dried fruits, sucrose and spices is active in the nasal cavity. At the same time, it can obviously perceive the thick heavy tannin taste. Finally, the ending rhyme of 20 minutes is used as the final axis.People can’t forget it for a long time.

The 60-year limited edition condenses Granger’s 180-year-old winemaking process.
10. Louis XIII’s LE JEROBOAM limited edition 3 liter package is an elegant model of French life art. Louis XIII defines the rich connotation of extreme luxury with its talent and heritage that span the century.
Beyond the centuries of baptism, Louis XIII has always carried the praise of “King of Cognac”.

The Louis XIII Limited Edition 3-liter wine bottle is fitted with a special wooden case, like the “Tilken” oak barrel in the wine cellar.

I saw the light passing through the crystal cup, showing a transparent amber color, rich floral, fruity and spice.

Louis XIII launched a limited edition of 3 liters to pay tribute to the glorious years of the twentieth century.