[Speed of a Crab]_Energy_Nutrition Value

[Speed of a Crab]_Energy_Nutrition Value
04 Feb

[Speed of a Crab]_Energy_Nutrition Value

Many people usually like to eat crabs, especially in the fall of each year. It is the season of crabs. They taste delicious and have rich nutrients. However, crabs are delicious, but for people who are losing weight,It is very important to ensure the transition of food every day. The conversion of some foods is high, the conversion of some foods is not high, and the conversion of a crab is not high?

The instant of a crab’s 100g edible portion of a crab is 102kcal; the edible portion of an adult hairy crab of about 2 kg is about 400g, then we can calculate the instant of a hairy crab of 2 kg which is 408 thousandcard.

The edible portion of a pair of hairy crabs is about 60g, so its conversion is 61 kcal.

Steamed hairy crabs are mutated so the calculation method for a hairy crab is: mass X40% / X1.

02 kcal.

The nutritional content of hairy crabs Steamed hairy crabs are sought after, mainly because hairy crabs have been considered delicious and delicious since ancient times. In the eyes of scholars and writers, eating crabs to appreciate chrysanthemums and drinking flower carving wine is a great thing; and the practice of steaming can avoid the guarantee of hairy crabs.Authentic.

Hairy crabs are particularly rich in nutrition.

The content of vitamin A in crab yellow is 1 in eggs.

2 times; vitamin B content is comparable to most starches; calcium content exceeds calcium content in milk; other trace elements required by the human body, such as zinc, selenium, iodine, etc. are also relatively abundant, of which the selenium content is much higher thanOrdinary meat.

The most praiseworthy of hairy crabs is protein.

Because of its high water content, hairy crabs account for about 17% of their fresh weight?
20%, the protein content of dry crab is as high as 70%?
90% is the king of protein content.

Do not eat too much at one time. However, because of the high protein content of hairy crabs, do not eat too much at one meal.

Due to excessive intake of protein at one time, digestive enzymes in the stomach cannot be kept busy, which increases the burden on the stomach.

In addition, the crab’s cholesterol content in crab yellow is much higher than that of meat, which is close to the dirty cholesterol content in animals. This is another reason why crabs should not eat more.

In addition, the middle distance of hairy crabs is relatively low. Therefore, after eating a hairy crab, you may feel full at that time, but you will feel hungry after a long time.

Can I eat crabs during weight loss?
Crab is a kind of low-content, high-protein food. If you eat crab, it will increase the feeling of fullness. Generally, the phenomenon of weight gain will not occur, but in the crab yellow, the chelation is relatively high.You may gain weight.

Avoid foods with too much fat during weight loss, try to eat more light, less oil and salt foods, and use crabs for steaming to eat, it is relatively light, you can eat in moderation during weight loss.

Crab is high in protein and fullness, but conversion is very low, even eating seafood is not a big deal.

It’s just that this satiety lasts for a short period of time and then goes hungry again.

And everyone’s favorite crab yellow crab cream is very refreshing, although the nutritional value is very high, but at the same time there is no very high conversion, it belongs to high nutrition, low content of delicious.

However, the cholesterol content of crab meat is higher than that of meat, which is close to the level of internal organs in animals such as liver.

Among them, crab yellow has higher cholesterol content than crab meat, so obese people need to pay attention to eating crabs in moderation.

Crab fattening or weight loss Crab does not have the effect of weight loss, moderate consumption will not gain weight, but after eating more, there is still the possibility of gaining weight, especially crab yellow should not eat more.

Crabs are cold, and it is easy to have stomachache on an empty stomach. As for fat, it depends on the conversion provided by crabs.

When the body absorbs more free radicals than it consumes in the transient state, it will result in excess, so eating too much of any food will cause too much.

The same goes for crabs.

However, crabs do not mean relatively high conversion food. On average, a crab of 3 to 4 has an edible portion of about 60?
80 grams, about 70?
80 kcal, which is equivalent to the static electricity of a small apple (about 150 grams).

Even if you eat two pounds of crabs, the crab meat after shelling is only more than 8 or 2 grams, about 400 grams, and contains 60 protein?
70 grams, can meet the needs of an adult man a day, but actually only about 400 calories.

But eating crab meat in large quantities will require a lot of proteases in the digestive tract.

If you usually eat less protein food and the protease is not very effective, eating a lot of crab meat at once will be a considerable challenge for the digestive system.

In addition, eating crab is a technical task, and it takes time and effort to eat.
There are eighteen types of tools that are particular about points; the simpler ones are to use your mouth and mouth to test patience and teeth.

Eat slowly, and feel full.