[Sanqi Goji Berries]_Sanqi Goji Berries_Benefit_Efficacy

[Sanqi Goji Berries]_Sanqi Goji Berries_Benefit_Efficacy
12 Feb

[Sanqi Goji Berries]_Sanqi Goji Berries_Benefit_Efficacy

Now many people will drink panax notoginseng and wolfberry together to drink. It turns out that drinking this way is very good and can fully absorb the nutrition of panax notoginseng and wolfberry. Panax notoginseng wine has the treatment of hypertension, relieve aging, and prevent cancerAnd other powerful effects.

First: The medicine wine obtained after the treatment of hypertension Sanqi bubble wine is very suitable for some hypertensive patients. This is because Sanqi wine can dilate blood vessels well after entering the body, which can reduce blood pressure.There is also a certain improvement in circulation.

Second: Promote the health of the heart and brain tissue, because Sanqi wine can enhance the blood flow in the body after entering the body, so it has a good effect on a variety of heart and brain diseases, especially the effect of preventing and supplementing hypoxia is very good.

In normal life, taking an appropriate amount of Sanqi liquor can promote good health.

Third: Promote physical development If a developing child has taken an appropriate amount of notoginseng wine, it can effectively promote the physical development of the child, especially the height of the body.

This is because after the panax notoginseng wine enters the body, it can promote the synthesis of proteins and DNA in the body. These substances are all nutrients necessary for the normal development of the body, so taking panax notoginseng wine can enter the body to develop rapidly.

Fourth: The efficacy of tumor Sanqi bubble wine also includes tumors. Cancer is an important paper in the medical field. Taking Sanqi wine can improve the body’s resistance very well. It has good effects on some tumors and cancer.

Fifth: Sedative scientists experimented with Panax notoginseng on mice, and found that Panax notoginsenoside Rb1 contained in Panax notoginseng, which can reduce exercise, promote quietness in mice, and effectively extend sleep time.

Therefore, the notoginseng ginsenoside Rb1 contained in notoginseng liquor can inhibit the central transmission very obviously.

Sixth: Delay the aging Continuous use of Panax notoginseng for one month can correct the obvious effect of delaying aging, effectively enhance the serum in the body and the fire of brain tissue cells, and it is good for some substances that damage the health of the heart, liver and brainInhibitory effect.

Therefore, in normal life, you can take Sanqi wine in an appropriate amount and continuously, which can force a very good effect of delaying aging.

Seventh: enhance the body’s immunity The use of Sanqi liquor can promote the spleen detoxification strands to return to normal conditions, and at the same time can only go to the density of cells, fundamentally solve the problem and enhance the body’s immunity.

Panax notoginseng contains substances such as polysaccharides of notoginseng, so taking notoginseng liquor can improve the body’s immunity.

Eighth: Enhancing Memory The intake of Sanqi liquor can also enhance memory, and at the same time effectively improve the condition of physical memory consolidation and impair the physical memory.

However, if you want to get better memory, you must take moderate amount of Sanqijiu at all times.