[How many tons of food do people eat in a lifetime]_How to eat_How to eat

[How many tons of food do people eat in a lifetime]_How to eat_How to eat
18 Feb

[How many tons of food do people eat in a lifetime]_How to eat_How to eat

Our bodies can operate normally, and children can grow up gradually, they all need to provide the body with a variety of nutrients and energy, these things are shifted from the usual diet.

We have to eat three meals a day, and it ‘s easy to get hungry without a meal.

Constantly eating, people can imagine how much they have eaten in their lifetime, this is where many people are curious.

So how many tons of food do people eat in their lifetime?

Let’s take a look below.

This depends on many factors such as age, type, constitution, type of work, environment, and climatic conditions of the place of residence. It is difficult to determine a uniform standard.

However, according to the acceleration of the medical department, a person living to the age of 60 years will have to introduce about 5 tons of fresh water, 400,000 cubic meters of air, 1 in his lifetime.

5 tons of sugar, 2.

5 tons of protein, 1.

3 tons aunt.

Bad habits often do not eat enough in modern society, everyone pays attention to shaping and weight loss.

Some people have long-term obesity or inadequate diet, or too little intake of certain nutrients for better body. These bad practices can lead to weight loss, fatigue, and severe nutritional deficiencies.

“Neijing · Suwen” once pointed out: “If you don’t enter the valley, half a day will be Qi Qi, one day will be Qi Qi.

“Insufficient diet, especially the lack of protein and thermal energy, puts the body in a negative nitrogen balance and continuously consumes protein in the body to convert it into thermal energy for demand. This can cause metabolic disorders, growth and development disorders, and low immune function, leading to malignant malnutrition.occur.

If certain nutrients are chronically deficient, it can cause various nutrient deficiencies.

Eating too full and eating too much often not only affects digestion and absorption due to the heavy burden of obesity, but also leads to excess nutrition and disease.

Overeating or prolonged fullness can cause digestive dysfunction.

Excessive consumption of fat, balanced nutrition loss, excess of certain nutrients, accumulation in the body and cause metabolic disorders, can produce hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and so on.

“Nei Jing · Su Wen” once said “the transformation of sorghum, the birth of a grandma”, “Qian Jin Yao Zhu · Shi Zhi” said that “the husband is so sputum in the body, this is caused by the diet is not proper.”Consequences of overeating or too much fat.

Excessive or partial eating can lead to nutritional disorders, metabolic disorders, and various consequences.

The same overeating can cause excessive nutrition or affect the function of various organs.

For people who like snacks, gastrointestinal function is easy to be disordered. Because snacks contain sugars and small amounts, protein, protein and vitamins, it can cause malnutrition or deficiency of vitamins. For people who prefer salty foods, they can suffer from extracellularIncreased osmotic pressure of the fluid increases plasma volume in the blood vessels, increases blood vessel constriction and causes hypertension, or causes edema due to excessive burden of high blood pressure; for another example, people who prefer to smell fishy fish can cause too much cholesterol to cause vascular sclerosis.Blood pressure, or habitual constipation, hemorrhoids, or even rectal cancer.

Those who are vegetarian, it is easy to cause deficiency of trace elements and vitamin B12.

“Nei Jing · Su Wen” has long been included in “Eating more salty food will condense and change color, while eating more bitter food will peel orange and hair pull .” Many of them have been confirmed by modern science.

The ancients often eat cold food or raw food. The ancients have long noticed that cold food is an important cause of human illness. After the fire was discovered, they started to eat cooked food.

For example, “Book of Rites” contains the ancient “no cremation, grass-containing, flesh of birds and beasts, drinking its blood, and its hair”, and “Sairen’s family began to drill wood for fire.”No bowel disease.”

It can be seen that dietary rehabilitation is an important aspect of reducing disease.

Raw foods, especially fish, are susceptible to disease due to the presence of germs or parasites, and are often not easily digested and absorbed and damage the stomach and intestines.

Cold food completely stimulates the stomach and intestines, causing indigestion, and easily induces cough and asthma.

Eating too fast or too hot food, eating too fast, gobbling, because the food fully exerts the digestive effect of saliva and aggravates the burden on the stomach, often forming gastritis or stomach ulcers; such as hot food can burn the taste buds and cause loss of appetite, as well as oral andOesophageal tumors; as another squat, due to blood circulation disorders, it can affect digestion and absorption, leading to loss of appetite and digestive disorders.

Unclean diet The diet should be clean and free of pollution.

Like many people who eat fruit, eat it without washing, or eat it at will, these are bad eating habits.

Currently, monographs on diet hygiene have been published as early as the Han Dynasty, pointing out that unclean diet can be harmful to human health, and eating unclean substances by mistake can cause people to poison or even die.

Unclean food is food that has been contaminated during production, processing, storage, transportation, and sales.

People eat food contaminated with bacteria, mold, toxic chemicals and various toxins, which can cause various food poisoning.

Dietary allergies It is not uncommon for people to develop allergic diseases due to eating innocuous foods daily.

Dietary allergies are mostly caused by proteins such as fish, meat, eggs, milk and other proteins, but there are also allergies caused by vegetables and fruits. Allergic enteritis, sore rash, bronchial ulcers, throat edema, eczema, oral ulcers andAnaphylactic shock and so on.

To avoid food allergies, you should pay attention to the abnormal phenomenon after daily diet, especially pay attention to milk, shrimp, crab, mutton, octopus, silkworm, belt fish, yellow croaker, mud snails, mushrooms, broad beans, lentils, bamboo shoots, snow vegetables, etc.Food observation. If you have an allergic reaction, fast for a certain period of time.