[Efficacy of Lu Zhi]_How to eat_What effect

[Efficacy of Lu Zhi]_How to eat_What effect
21 Feb

[Efficacy of Lu Zhi]_How to eat_What effect

Asparagus is a common vegetable. It is soft and delicious, has an appetite improvement effect, and can help digest asparagus. It also has a very good health effect. It also contains asparagus protein, which contains a variety of amino acids and minerals. It is used to prevent heart disease.The effect of hypertension is good. At the same time, it also has a good role in preventing gallstones. Of course, you should pay attention to it when you eat it. For gout patients, you should eat less.

Aloe vera efficacy modern nutritional analysis, asparagus protein composition has various amino acids necessary for the human body, the content ratio is appropriate, there are substituted selenium, molybdenum, magnesium, manganese and other trace elements in the inorganic salt element, and it is also rich in asparagineThe main non-protein nitrogenous substance and aspartic acid.

Regular consumption has a certain effect on hypertension, hypertension, tachycardia, fatigue, edema, cystitis, dysuria and other complications.

At the same time asparagus is beneficial for cardiovascular disease, vascular sclerosis, nephritis, gallstones, liver dysfunction and obesity.

At the same time, asparagus contains many kinds of vitamins and trace elements.

Nutritionists and vegetarians see it as a health food and a comprehensive anti-cancer food.

Asparagus has excellent effects in treating lymph adenocarcinoma, bladder cancer, lung stones, kidney stones and skin cancer.

It also has a good effect on other cancers, leukemia, etc.

According to the International Association of Cancer Patients, asparagus can normalize cell growth and prevent the spread of peptides.

In the adjuvant treatment of tumor diseases, it should be ensured that daily consumption is effective.

Applicable people: the general population.

Because it contains a small amount of purines, gout patients should not eat more.

Note: The “Book of Herbal Medicine” records: “Asparagus, avoid croton”.

Usage and Dosage 1. Although asparagus is good, it should not be eaten raw or stored for more than 1 week.

2. Folic acid in asparagus is easily destroyed, so if you want to supplement folic acid, you should avoid cooking at high temperature. The best way to eat it is to cook it in a microwave oven with low power.

Edible effect: Asparagus is sweet, cold, returning to the lungs, and the stomach meridian.